for Presentation Events organized by
untitled exhibitions gmbh
Rolandstr. 5
70469 Stuttgart

The following General Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between participants at presentation events (including conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings) organized by untitled exhibitions gmbh.

1. Venue

The venue for each event is published in the events program.

3. Bookings and Conditions of Participation

Bookings for an event must be made in writing with a legal signature. Online bookings received via the internet or email do not currently require an electronic signature. Bookings will be handled in order of the date of receipt. Once a booking has been received, a confirmation and invoice will be sent. The invoice must be paid in full before the event takes place. There is no general entitlement to attend an event; the organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in individual cases.

4. Participation and Cancellations

For cancellations received two weeks or less before the event or a no-show at the event the cancellation fee will be 100% of the full fees payable. Cancellations made more than two weeks before the event will incur an administration charge of 90€. Substitute participants will be accepted at no extra charge. Cancellations must be received in writing and are only valid once the organizer has confirmed the cancellation in writing. The organizer reserves the right to change the date or venue of the event or part thereof, or to postpone or even cancel the event at short notice. If the whole event is cancelled (except in the case of force majeur), all fees already paid will be returned or credit given for a future event. No further claims can be made against the organizer, except in the case of wilful or gross negligence.

5. Liability Limitations

Where events take place in locations and on properties owned by third parties, the event organizer shall not be liable for any accidents or loss or damage to property unless the damage caused is the result of wilful or grossly negligent conduct by untitled exhibitions gmbh or other vicarious agents.

6. Language and Translations

Unless otherwise indicated in the event program, all presentations are in German. Although some presentations may be held in English, an interpreting service is not available for either the presentations or the event documentation. There is no entitlement to translation or interpreting services.

7. Copyright

Any presentations or documentation related to the event are subject to copyright and may not under any circumstances be duplicated, published or used for commercial purposes without the agreement of the organizer and the relevant speaker. The organizer accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of presentation or documentation content.

8. Exhibition and Sponsoring

Where two untitled exhibitions are taking place in parallel, the paid-up delegates of the conference may attend the exhibition event free of charge. The terms and conditions of an exhibition running parallel to a conference and the sponsoring arrangements are published individually for each specific event.

9. Video, image and sound recordings

Untitled exhibitions gmbh has the right to produce or have produced video, image and sound recordings as well as drawings of event activities, presentations, exhibition stands or individual exhibits for the purposes of event documentation or the publication of adverts in particular on the internet and for promotions. This also applies to the recording of persons. Third parties intending to take film and sound recordings during an event must obtain the permission of the organizer in advance. Taking photographs is permitted, within reason, with due regard for the rights of third parties.

10. Data Protection Regulations

The contractual partner agrees that, as defined in in the German Federal Data Protection Act, we may store, pass on, change or delete personal data, where this is in the interests of the business relationship. We will only pass on data to companies associated with the exhibition planning. The company address, email address and other details will be used to promote by post or by email other events organised by untitled exhibitions. The contractual partner is entitled at any time to withdraw consent to the use of data for promotional purposes.

11. Place of Delivery and Jurisdiction

Stuttgart is the place of delivery and jurisdiction, in cases where the contracting party is a registered trader or legal person under public law or a special fund under public law or does not have a general place of jurisdiction. We are also entitled to make a claim at the competent court of law for our business partner. Any exclusive place of jurisdiction shall remain unaffected.

Updated: March 2017