lighting technology 2019 - more exhibitors, more products, more solutions

After the successful premiere of lighting technology last year with renowned companies on the show floor and intensive specialist discussions at the booths and in the workshops the overwhelming majority of the exhibitors and numerous new companies confirmed that they would be exhibiting in 2018 – convinced by the event’s concept and the need for such an event to serve the whole branch.

However, despite the success of the premiere, the strong endorsement of the industry and a large number of new companies interested in participating, the follow-up event simply was not going to be able to match the visitors’ expectations of increased exhibitors, and the products and services on display.

A trade event, which can neither promise to deliver quality nor satisfy the expectations of the exhibition visitors, simply cannot justify the expense for either the exhibitors or the visitors. And so the trade fair with workshops – lighting technology 2018 has been postponed by a year – which we hope will enable us to look forward to a successful follow-up event in 2019.

Our conversations with the exhibitors and many interested companies continue to prove to us that there is great potential for lighting technology - to have considerable influence on the development of lighting technologies and to enhance the opportunities for them in the market and their competitiveness.

We see this as an opportunity to further develop the event together with the industry, and to launch it again in 2019. Our express goal is to offer the lighting innovatores more, i.e. more exhibitors, more products and more solutions.

Rapid innovations in lighting technologies create new possibilities and unprecedented opportunities for new applications and a range of (lighting-) solutions for the various industries. It is no longer just about indoor and outdoor lighting in general, it gets much further with topics such as human centric lighting, vehicle manufacturing, Internet of Things and smart home, mechanical engineering, medical technology, furniture industry, shopfitting ...

The lighting technology trade fair with workshops provides the communication and technology platform for the urgently needed exchange between lighting specialists from a wide variety of disciplines such as design, construction, electronics and microelectronics, sensor technology, software development, communications and more. The trade fair thus promotes the development of lighting technology and its applications and is an important element for the competitiveness of the entire industry.

lighting technology 2017:
71 exhibitors from 15 countries
914 visitors and workshop participants
51 speakers presenting 40 workshops

Essen as exhibition location

Taking place in the heart of the North Rhine Westphalia and at the gates of Germany’s lighting economy, lighting technology provides an overview of the complete market for technologies, components and systems for the intelligent lighting sector.

lighting technology will take place at Messe Essen.